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Best places to see wildlife in Geelong & The Bellarine

It doesn’t take much of a poke around to discover the region holds plenty of animals and birds in its forests, wetlands, sanctuaries and seas – a nature’s paradise.

Here’s the best places to get your wildlife fix when visiting the region.

You Yangs Regional Park

In the woodlands of the You Yangs live kangaroos and birds such as tawny frogmouth, wedge-tailed eagles, rosellas and honeyeaters. Around 150 koalas hang here too, if you’ve got a keen eye you might spot one of them.

Parks Victoria run guided park tours which can be booked online.

Serendip Sanctuary

A haven for wildlife, wander 250 hectares of grassy woodlands at Serendip Sanctuary and wetlands to discover free roaming wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies and koalas or sit quietly in the bird hide to spot some of the 150 species that visit this critical habitat.

Brisbane Ranges National Park

Another likely spot to see koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, gliders plus 170 species of birds is on the hiking trails of the Brisbane Ranges.

The Brisbane Ranges’ many hills and gullies is also home to the state’s richest wildflower habitat and where plenty more walking trails, from a few hours to three days, await.

For a full immersive experience, set up a tent, caravan or camper-trailer amongst the trees at ‘Fridays’ or ‘Boar Gully’ campgrounds.

Two friends wearing hiking gear stand overlooking the Brisbane Ranges.
Brisbane Ranges National Park

From The Sea

A dive into the blue opens up a whole new world of critters and creatures. More than 80% of the marine life in Port Phillip is found nowhere else on the planet. St Leonards Pier is a great place to jump in with a mask and snorkel, its pylons offering shelter for marine life including colourful sponges, fish, nudibranchs, seahorses, and weedy and leafy sea dragons.

The wreck of the 1925 paddlesteamer Ozone at Indented Head is another likely spot.

Sea All Dolphin Swims can get you up close and personal with seals and dolphins. Tours visit the protected waters of Popes Eye, teeming with marine life, and Chinaman’s Hat where up to 100 Australian Fur Seals await for a play. Watch from the boat or dive in for a closer look.

Popes Eye is also home to the Australasian gannet, Australia’s largest diving sea bird.

Barwon Bluff is one of the best places in the region to spot passing whales from June to October.

Scubabo run guided dives from Queenscliff Harbour if you want to go deeper.

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