Child’s play: Fairy Park

Mention either word – Fairy OR Park – to my four-year-old and she’ll squeal. So, imagine when I put them together.  She. Lost. Her. Mind.

Fairy Park is a time-honoured family tradition.  Our parents took us as kids and now we’re doing the same with our little ones. I still have really fond memories of the place from 1988. In fact, I still remember what I was wearing: a twin set, leggings and hi-tops. (Disclaimer: it was 1988. At least my hair wasn’t crimped).

Fairy Park, 1980’s style. Twin sets and big fringes. 

Styled like Camelot and sitting on top of a rocky hill, Fairy Park brings traditional fairy tales to life with animatronic displays and sounds.

After being welcomed at the gate by a giant, “Mum! Look at that huge gnome!” we had a picnic near the car park then ventured in to the park. Each tale is styled with traditional scenes – no Disney influence – which made an interesting guessing game as we made our way around the grounds.

The absolute highlight – for both the four and seven year old – was the medieval adventure playground. Again, one that I have memories of playing on back in ’88.

Go out this weekend and create memories with your kids. And dress them in something that’s very 2015.

I’ve never seen a monkey with such a big fringe, let alone wearing a suit.

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