Cowabunga! How to catch your first wave in Ocean Grove

Full disclosure: I have no idea if people still say ‘cowabunga’ – that’s how little I have to do with the surf scene. And if I’m honest, I’m not entirely sure what ‘hang ten’ means either. In surf culture, I’m better known as a kook – an uncool, untalented, rookie. But if you – like me – are still buzzing off the 2002 hit film Blue Crush and want to channel your inner Kate Bosworth by riding a barrel, then Ocean Grove is the place to do it.

Surf’s Up

With its gently rolling waves and clear blue waters, Ocean Grove is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in Australia for those wanting to learn how to surf. It offers plenty of parking, is easily accessible and known to be quite safe.

Who can teach me to surf?

Look, I’m a cautious creature, and wouldn’t recommend getting on a board without supervision. There are a number of surf schools who can teach you the art of catching a wave:

  • Go Ride A Wave – Established in 1987, this iconic surf school looks after an average of 50,000 surf students every year. The instructors are understanding of everybody’s needs and will craft lessons to suit every experience level; from beginners through to those a little more advanced.

Don’t want to get your hair wet?

You don’t have to. For generations, families have been flocking to Ocean Grove to soak in the calming sea air. The beach stretches 9.5kms and is an ideal spot to lay down a towel with a trashy novel and an esky filled with refreshments.

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