It’s a Bao time – Celebrate National Bao Day

With National Bao Day just around the corner (22 August), we’ve included some of the best Bao dishes in the region… Celebrate the delectable world of bao, with those fluffy, pillowy steamed buns, filled with an array of mouth-watering ingredients.


Located in the heart of Geelong, this hidden gem offers a modern twist on traditional Asian cuisine. Bahjong’s selection is a delightful mix of both classic and inventive options. Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional pork belly bao or feeling adventurous with their salt & pepper and exotic mushroom creations, Bahjong bao’s are a must try!

Wah Wah Gee

Prepare to be amazed at Wah Wah Gee, a restaurant known for its bold fusion flavours and stunning waterfront views. Their bao menu is a testament to their innovative culinary approach. From Thai fish cake to Korean fried cauliflower, the bao creations here are nothing short of a gastronomic adventure.

SUMI Geelong

SUMI Geelong brings a touch of elegance to the bao scene. With a focus on using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, their crafted baos are both visually stunning and incredibly delicious. The fresh flavours coupled with meticulous presentation sets SUMI apart.

Frankie. Bar & Eatery

Enjoy a fusion of flavours – Frankie. Bar & Eatery injects a bust of creativity into their bao offerings. This trendy spot is known for its inventive cocktails and equally imaginative bao combinations. Whether you’re indulging in their glazed pork belly bao or their Shiitake mushroom bao, Frankie. Bar & Eatery promises a memorable dining experience.

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