What to do this spring

Spring is just around the corner, and with that comes a burst of colour and energy that transforms Geelong & The Bellarine into a playground of excitement and adventure.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, or wine lover, here’s a curated list to help you make the most of your Spring in the region.

Pack a picnic for the Botanic Gardens

Picture this: lush gardens, vibrant blooms, and a basket full of your favourite nibbles. Grab your mates and head to the Geelong Botanic Gardens. It’s the ultimate recipe for a relaxing day in the great outdoors.

Ride the Bellarine Rail Trail

The Bellarine Rail Trail really has something for everyone. Grab your bike and explore the scenic trail that winds through the coastal landscape, charming villages, and breath-taking views. The spring air and picturesque views make this trail a must-ride experience.

Hit a winery

There really isn’t a bad time to visit a winery, but spring might just be the best. The Bellarine Peninsula is home to a collection of renowned wines, so it’s time to unwind, sip and savour the flavours of the region. Enjoy a Texan BBQ with your wine at Bellarine Estate, take in the views from Corio Bay at Jack Rabbit Vineyard, or visit the Upside Down House Cellar Door at Oakdene Vineyards.

Head to the Geelong Cup

Get frocked up and experience the thrill of horse racing at the Geelong Cup. The Geelong Cup is an annual tradition, featuring high-stakes action, elegant fashion, and a lively atmosphere.

Explore the Women’s Street Art

Central Geelong streets are adorned with an inspiring collection of women’s street art. Take a self-guided tour and admire the powerful and thought-provoking murals that celebrate the creativity of women.

Hike the You Yangs (Wurdi Youang)

Head to the You Yangs (Wurdi Youang) for one of the best hiking spots in the region. The park offers a variety of trails suitable for all skill levels, plus you can even bring your four-legged friend! As you hike, take in the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and breathe in the rejuvenating spring air.

Head to Eastern Beach

Experience the heart of Geelong – the Waterfront. With its stunning shoreline, family-friendly swimming pool, and scenic promenade, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the spring weather. Be sure to grab a coffee or bite to eat from Wharf Shed.

Head to a market

Head to a local market for fresh produce, artisan crafts, a sweet treat, or unique finds. Explore the diverse range of stalls, chat with local producers and immerse yourself in the community’s vibrant culture.

Meet the bollards

Meet Geelong’s iconic bollard community and uncover their stories. Wander along the waterfront and engage with these quirky sculptures that depict historical figures and scenes from the region’s past.

Watch the AFL Grand Final

It’s that time of the year… Although the Cats might not be in the finals, you can still enjoy the excitement of the Grand Final. Gather your mates and head to one of the regions many venues to watch the game.

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    Get the latest info on openings, special events, deals and competitions.

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