Top 5 ways to soak in the sea in Queenscliff

There’s something about the magnetic pull of the water that brings people to Queenscliff. The pounding ocean to the South, Swan Bay creating the northern boundary and overlooking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay and the comings and goings of vessels.

It’s intoxicating and magic to be beside the seaside.

So come, dip your toes in and remind yourself why being by the water is so therapeutic.

1. Scuba baby! With a brand-new boat just launched, Bay City Scuba has direct access to the best scuba diving in Victoria. With a plethora of shipwrecks to explore, diving off Queenscliff Harbour is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets.

2. Everyone loves dolphins, the dogs of the sea, get up close and personal with Sea All Dolphin Swims who take boat tours out to Port Phillip Bay. The in-water experience of snorkelling alongside the boat while seals and dolphins frolic is exhilarating. Even those who’d rather stay dry can have a brilliant time sightseeing from onboard the vessel. 

3. Fishing in Port Phillip Bay or out in Bass Strait is best done with Gone Fishing Charters – they know the best spots, the best tactics and have all the gear on board.

4. The Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre on Swan Bay raises awareness of the incredible habitats and ecosystems. School holidays is where it’s at with activities ranging from exploring the on-site visitor aquarium to guided wetland discoveries.

5. Want more of a relaxed coastal experience? Take a stroll through the coastal foreshore reserve linking the ferry terminal and Queenscliff Harbour with the Pier and Queenscliff town on the Ferry to Pier Trail as you soak in the sea breeze. 

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